Apr 12, 2011

South Africans shouldn't be allowed to drive in the United States.

At approximately 7:04 PM on Sunday, April 10th, Josh and I almost had a head on collision with a Ford Escape looking thing.

We were waiting patiently in the 'suicidal lane' to turn left across 2 lanes of traffic to get to the gas station. My car only had 12 miles until empty and we were so glad we made it to a gas station.

Imagine us sitting there... We're singing and minding our own business. You see, traffic was bad. Traffic was real bad. No cars were moving, so we were just chilling. We had just left The Masters, along with everyone else, and were ready to get some gas and head for home!

Well, this Ford Escape looking thing swerves out of the traffic that is oncoming that we are oh so patiently waiting for to move... the Ford Escape looking thing then proceeds to come at us with an unknown speed that looked really fast!
All of a sudden about 10 feet in front of use they SLAM on brakes and jut back into the traffic they just came out of (the traffic that isn't moving). I really don't know how that managed to do it... Now they are sideways in the road, about 4 inches from the side of this car. That car moves and there is a suburban in the next lane. Well suburban dude moves up to where they can't get across (I don't blame him! He just totally cut everyone off!). The 4 men in the Ford Escape looking thing start throwing hands and saying words and then laughed. About 10 minutes goes by. Dude number 2 gets out of the Ford Escape looking thing and proceeds to knock on Suburban dudes window.

Josh let his window down.

It took all of about two seconds to hear that accent and know that none of them were from the United States! Suburban dude told them he didn't care that they weren't getting by him. Then they all started yelling in another language!! Well, out of no where all these words come out of my mouth along the lines of "They aren't even from here!! They don't even know how to drive!!" Plus a lot more that I can't remember... Suburban dude agreed with me and let his window up in the guys face. Then Josh had to hold me back from getting out and telling these guys that they need to go back to South Africa before they kill someone.

That was the interesting story of the day. The reason they were trying to kill everyone to get into the gas station? To go drink beer in the parking lot with their buddies. Fancy that.

So! Rewinding to 4:45 AM of this same day.... Josh and I left to go to the  Masters!! We had a great time. I love going to the Masters with Josh. So much fun! :)

We arrived there about 7:45 and got inside by 8:15. All the spots on hole 18 were taken and that's where we like to put our chairs to come back to at the end of the day, so we were bummed. We were walking around like lost puppy dogs when a security guard walks up and says "1 more chair can fit right there." I said Dang... we have 2! This guy literally pushes past us to get it, then the security guard so kindly says "oh well actually 2 can fit there!" Enter: Guy number 2 pushing through like a murderer is chasing him! (I thought there was to be no running, pushing, shoving at the Masters!) Dang it!!!

We settled for hole 9 second row seats. All was fine and dandy and we were happy with that. We ended up sitting by some guys that grew up around our town and they were quite surprised to know that we were from there! So it was good talking to them.

After lunch and walking 20 miles (ok maybe 2), we sat back down on hole 9 until McIlroy was about to come through. Then we quickly walked to 18 right behind us. We were standing at 18 for maybe 5 minutes and then all of a sudden it was like a wave crashing in behind us! You could just feel all the people piling up behind you.... you look over your shoulder and it was like 'well, guess I'm not going anywhere for a while!'

We stood on 18 for the last 3 hours of the tournament and saw all the players finish their last round.

We were on the first row of people standing behind the people seated, so it wasn't that bad after all! We were also standing next to a guy from London who was super awesome and gave us his 5 Masters cups from the day after someone stole ours off our chairs (how classy).

We got to see Phil! I love phil. :)

As we stood there, McIlroy just kept bombing the course and slipping under all the other leaders and then it happened..... Charl schwartzel came out of no where and won the tournament.

This is where I must tell you that my father had said the day before "I don't know who Schwartzel is, but I'm gonna pick him to win since Freddy isn't getting it done". Schwartzel wasn't doing really awesome when dad said that and I'll be darned if he didn't do awesome on round 4 and win the thing. So that was pretty cool!! Too bad dad isn't a betting man!

Over all we had a great day! The food was good, we managed to not get hit by any South Africans in rental cars, and we got home before midnight.

Can't wait to do it again next year!!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I can't stand bad drivers from anywhere!

Glad y'all had fun! & can't believe y'all left that early! I was going to text you at 6 but didn't wanna wake you up, guess you were well on the road by then lol!