Sep 28, 2008

Bay Creek's King Flint

You know how everybody has that one animal that's special to them that only comes along once in a lifetime? Whether it be a dog, a cat, or a horse... everybody has one. Like my dad, he had a dog when I was young named Rock. That dog was my dad's favorite dog and he won't ever have another one exactly like him. Also, my sister Ashlee's dog. I think Gus might be that special dog. That dog is like her child. He knows everything, he answers to ten different names, and follows her every move. I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to be Blair's mom when she gets here!
Well, I think that my special animal is my stallion Flint. I have a special bond with all my horses but deep down Flint is my favorite. He's gorgeous, he's sweet, he's perfect.

He is an absolute joy to ride and be around (when he's not acting studdish!). He's the most calm stallion I have ever seen. The only time he is 'bad' is during spring when all he wants is one of the mares teasing him across the driveway! He doesn't leave the fence line. He has a spot in every pasture that is solid dirt from him standing in the same spot all day. If he can't see the other horses he'll be trotting up and down the fence lines all day hollering at them!
I have had at least 5 or 6 people stop on the side of the road while I am riding him just to tell me how beautiful he is or ask me if he is for sale. Thank you and sorry no he's not for sale is always my answer! I often get how much will you take for him and I just say you probably couldn't afford it! haha. I would never sell him. He's way to special.
I was on my way back from spending spring break with Rhiana and my dad called me. He said, I just got a call from someone and they want to buy Flint. They offered 10,000 for him so I couldn't pass it up. All I could do was breath and try not to wreck. I started bawling immediately and the only words I could say was 'no, anybody but him, anybody but Flint'. Then it came.... APRIL FOOLS! Oh I was so mad! But it was hilarious a little later after I stopped crying!

Most of the time, there is a reason behind every name an animal has. The name Flint was given to him because of the marking on his hind quarters. It's the shape of an arrowhead. And what are arrowheads made of? Flint.

Flint is my favorite horse and I could never imagine not having him in my pasture. He's my baby! He follows me around like a little puppy dog!

Although, there was one day that he would not let me catch him. I spent three hours running around the pasture trying to catch him. My friend ended up riding his horse over and helping me catch him. By the time we caught him he was drenched in sweat so I couldn't ride him that day. I cooled him down and put him in the round pen. My round pen is in a little valley and you can't see any of the pastures or other horses from it, so I kept him there for 5 days. I put him back out into the pasture and I haven't had a problem catching him since! I don't think he ever wants to spend a week all alone!
Flint is the sire to four foals. Sadly two of them have passed away. Scout was euthanized due to Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Musket died from unknown causes- most likely colic. He had a tough life. But Lizzie is very healthy and lives on my farm. She is another one of my favorites (i know... i have a lot of favorites!). Deputy, now called Koda, lives about 15 minutes away and has the best home I could ever have asked for.
I bred my mare Sassy to Flint this past June and we are expecting a baby in May! Once the baby is born and on it's feet, they will move to north Alabama to live with Linsey and Ben on their farm! When the time comes I'm sure pictures will be posted!

and... Auburn won yesterday! :) and surprisingly Bama beat UGA! I didn't really care who won that game cause I would rather them both lose, but somebody's gotta win!

that Aubie is a hoot :)

Me and best friend Leslie!

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