Jan 18, 2009

Len and Binsey's

MLK Holiday means three day weekend so I flew the Auburn coop leaving my dear Coal Kitty behind with the roomie. Then I get a text her boyfriend came back into town early- I hope she doesn't forget about Coal while they are in the midst of their.... busy schedule.

I came to my sis's house in north north north alaBAMA.
It's FREEZING! I hate the cold. I can't ride and I can't even go outside! It snowed yesterday while we were in Chattanooga shopping... brrrr. We went to a baby shower yesterday for Lin's sister-in-law. That was fun! My mom came up for the weekend too! I'm glad I get to spend time with them!

I was woken up by a flushing toilet at about 1:30 this morning. I get up this morning and my sister is coming up the stairs with a glass of water and a medicine bottle. My mom was sick. you don't wanna know what kind of virus she has! So I'm down stairs updating this and looking at many other blogs... like this martini mom one. and this one with twins. and and this one.. they are SO funny. So if you are one of those random people who's blog I am now following... it is because I love reading stories about kids and the funny things they say! I'm not a stalker... I'm in it for the humor! ;)

and of course my Ash's blog. It's about my precious niece. you can find it HERE!

Back to reading funny blogs!I have some reading to do too :(
Back to school is no fun.
and I'm ready to go home to see my Josh.

Y'all have a good holiday!
Maybe if i get bored enough I will put up a blog on one of two of my horses! or maybe I'll switch it up and do a dog... or cat!

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