Sep 22, 2008

So much for a perfect season we all hope for...

Auburn lost. It was a really good game though. The student section had so much energy! It made it a lot better. Josh and Cole came up for the game and I was so glad they got to come to a good game with a good student section! LSU and UGA games are always good games guaranteed. If you don't get there 2 hours before the game starts you won't be getting a good seat... you might not get a seat at all!! The gates opened at 4:15 for this game; Josh, Cole, Rhiana, and I were in line at 3:20. We got good seats too! The game started at 6:45 so the weather was perfect.

The line to get into the student section before the gates opened!

This is the student section two hours before the game... ridiculous!!

Nothing much happened besides the game! I'm glad Josh got to come and see Auburn. I gave them a tour of campus and we ate at Momma G's! They had fun!
I'll be on to post about a new horse pretty soon!

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