Sep 19, 2008

Southern Belle

The horse that I have had for the longest is a sorrel Tennessee Walking horse mare. Her name is Southern Belle, but if I were to say you're riding Southern Belle today... no one except my family would know who I was talking about. She is commonly known as SoBe. No, not like the drink. Like Southern Belle.
She's the sweetest, most patient horse I have. She's the horse that gets picked for the beginner riders. She gets picked for the kids. She gets picked for everybody except me! She's everyone's favorite horse! I have people over to ride and I ask, "Who do you wanna ride?!" I barely finish the sentence before "SOBE!!" pops out of their mouth! I can never get any GOOD pictures of SoBe unless I'm out of the pasture otherwise, all the pictures come out like this....

Like I said SoBe is excellent with kids...

SoBe is the first horse I ever trained alone. She was also the first foal born on our farm. She is ten years old and we have lived there ten years. Her dam, Sun's Classic Coed, was my sister Linsey's horse. We had Classic bred to a solid black Tennessee Walker named Pride's Night Prowler and as a result SoBe came. Spitting image of her mom...

not a lick of white except for a wanna be star on her forehead that consists of a few straggly white hairs, but I love it. It's actually starting to get more white as she get's older!

Oh I love SoBe :) She's so precious!
Well, three and a half years ago we bred SoBe to our stallion Flint (He's probably next!) and she foaled my Musket. I'll get back to him on his post when I get to it!

 He was a gorgeous foal! SoBe was an excellent mother, just like I thought she'd be.

As you can see, SoBe has a big part on this farm! Daddy always jokes with me about selling her but she's one of the 4 I never want to sell. She's too special to sell. I've heard 'every horse is for sale if the price is right'... well, not SoBe. She'll always be mine!

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