Jul 4, 2011

Yet another.... new animal

Update July 5, 2011
This little bunny went to heaven.

Much thanks to Cookie, the cat, for bringing us a present today. Not.

My sister just happened to walk out the door as Cookie was bringing this baby bunny up to the porch. 

She (I think. Did you know I'm an expert animal gender teller?) has multiple wounds. One under her chin, 1 on each hind leg, and 2 on her little body- 1 is a puncture wound and the other is just missing all the hair... her skin is soooo thin.

It's pitiful.

Hopefully I can nurse her back to health. She is still in shock. I found her standing in her water a little while ago so maybe she drank some. I found an article that said baby bunnies open their eyes around 11 days and they eat solids at 14 days. I think this bunny is well over 14 days. I have some carrots in there with her. I need to go to town and get some cabbage. They can't eat lettuce. I may even try to borrow some rabbit food from my sweet neighbor! I read another article that says cats carry a bacteria that can kill baby rabbits within 24 hours from septicemia. Not good... I guess we'll see...
I just think that releasing her would be even worse because one of her legs must be sore from the wound that is above it. She'll use it... but not unless she has too. 

I don't know of any rehabilitation or wildlife places around here. I'm sure they wouldn't try to save one little bunny rabbit either. 

I hope to release her after she is better... if she doesn't decide to go be with Jesus- or if Jesus doesn't decide to bring her up there!

Anyone ever had any luck rehabilitating baby rabbits?!
I know how to raise a squirrel... just not a rabbit. 


Anonymous said...

I haven't had luck :/

But Dr.G in FV is a registered wildlife rescue, from squirrels to bunnies to baby racoons!

J said...

I'm proud of you for trying so hard to save the little bunny, Molly! It's sad that it didn't happen, but maybe it was a blessing since the little cutie was so injured. God bless you for having such a heart for animals!


AA said...

Sad, Molly. But sweet of you to take care of him!