Jul 23, 2011

Free horse

So, I got a phone call about a 9 year old Quarter Horse mare that needed a home. For free.

How could I NOT go look at her?!

Well, I called the lady and talked to her about this mare and found at that she is a little hard to, catch and that she needed an experienced rider. She was good for the farrier and good to ride as long as you worked her in the round pen first. Well, I'm the type that saddles up my horse in the front yard and jumps on and says yee haw let's go! So I was a little turned off.

She was once owned by the state of Georgia, seized from an abused home, so they will need to know where she goes, check up on her, etc. That detoured a couple of people away from her to begin with.

I told the lady that I would be by on Wednesday to look at her and ride her. Well, it ended up that I went this morning. She did pretty good for me. I had to get after her a couple of times with my spurs and I was in her mouth the entire time because she just wanted to go go go... She definitely needs a person that knows what they are doing to work with her, but I think she has great potential.

I decided that I didn't need a new horse just because it's not fair to my other five horses that are each 200 lbs over weight that need to be worked with, so I told my friend Jaclyn about the horse and she is going to try her out. She has been riding my dead broke SoBe and I think she needs a step up. I believe all good riders learn to ride from riding as many horses as they can!
Jaclyn rode Sassy one day and did well... Lizzie was the next one for her to ride... and I just don't trust Lizzie enough to put anyone on her.  I hope this mare works out, and doesn't end up being 'too much horse'. If she doesn't fit in perfectly, then Sassy will have to be the step up project!

So here are some pictures of this beautiful girl.

Had to show her was boss a little bit! But she stood perfectly still when I got on her and did exactly what I wanted her to do!
P.S. She has a brand! how cool!?!? I have always wanted to brand my horses...

And here she is probably thinking "Geez, it's so hot out here and I can't get away with a dang thing with this girl on me!"  ;)

I really like this mare a lot. I hope she likes my horses enough to where they get along (so she can stay) and that Jaclyn will be able to ride her! It's hard for me to stoop to a lower riding level and ttell someone 'yeah you will be able to ride her!' just because I can, but that just isn't always the case! hopefully she will be a good fit.

I'll update next week when I go get her!  She'll be living at my house, that way I will be able to work with her and help Jaclyn out.


Anonymous said...

Haha you were much quicker than me with an update! I hope I can ride her too, and am super duper grateful... but if I can't, I might be willing to take Lizzie on... I mean, she is pretty and all, lol!

Jennifer said...

She is a good looking little mare!

Candi James said...

A very pretty girl she is!

AA said...

That's fun!!! Hope she fits in!