Jul 12, 2011


I love getting presents. It gives me a boost in my happiness!

HERE is the picture my precious Joshua got me!
He hung it over my bed last night for me. Such a sweetie.
and also the pillow on my bed that Jaclyn got me! :)

This picture pretty much sums up my birthday.
Pretty Picture from Josh, pretty pillow from Jaclyn, Pretty dress from my mommy, pretty shoes from mommy, and pretty balloons courtesy of Jaclyn. May all my birthdays be pretty! ;)

And.... this is lola.
She's thinking, "Why are you taking pictures of me at 11:46 pm?"

"Maybe if I make funny faces you'll stop"

"So annoying"

She is now peacefully sleeping in her bed.

And one more thing!!!
Drumroll pleeease!

Ta da!!!
New camera bag for Molly!!!!
Happy Birthday to me! :)


Kate said...

such awesome, personal, thoughtful gifts :)

J said...

WOOHOO! You racked up, girl :) I love all of it, especially the picture (stunning!) and the pillow (so cool). Your bed stuff is gorgeous, and the pillow goes along PERFECTLY! I'm glad you had such a fun birthday. You deserve it :)


Anonymous said...

Your room is so pretty now! & Lola Bell, too!

Candi James said...

You sure did rack up Molly. I love love love that picture! Where is that field you are in with all of the sunflowers???
Your bed ensemble looks like a Vera Bradley design! Then there is LOLA - another one of my favorite people.....she looks like she is so laid back!
Glad you had a great birthday.
Tell your MA hello for me!!!

Jennifer said...

Love your bedding, and the picture!! Happy belated Birthday!

Kailey said...

LOVE the camera bag the the picture above you bed :) (Way to go Josh!!!)
Are you on Pinterest?? Me too!

Miss you!

Georgia said...

That is the cutest camera bag I've ever seen, Mo! Happy Belated Birthday!

CHERI said...

Didn't realize you had a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY a little late:) Mine was last week! I'm just a tad older than you:) Love your gifts, esp. the one from Josh. Great pictures of Latch and Lola. Lola is the one dog I think I would be willing to adopt...I've sworn off pets for the rest of my life but Lola could make me change my mind. How is the bunny? So, so cute. About 3 or 4 weeks ago I was standing in the yard watching a mother rabbit and a baby bunny. All of a sudden right in front of me a hawk swooped down and grabbed the baby!!!!! I was horrified! I don't know who was more upset...the mother or me! We were both running after the #$@# hawk but needless to say it didn't pay a bit of attention. I hope to never see that again in my life!