Jul 8, 2011

I bet you can't guess what this post is about! :)


I just can't get enough of this little guy!
Every time I walk out the door he is right there to greet me. He has such a good little heart!

I took a few minutes to go play with him the other day and I got some good pictures of him and I thought I would share them!

Latch LOVES this bone! It's from Old Navy. I think I bought it like... ten years ago. 
I have given it to every dog that has come onto this farm and he is the only one that actually wanted to play with it. It's soft, squeaky, and chewable. Just what puppies like. 
He likes it so much that he takes it with him when he goes to roll in dead armadillos. I only assume this because when you squeeze it and the air comes out of that little hole... it smells like, yep you guessed it, dead armadillo! Lovely.

Gimme my bone! Give it to me!!

Oh wait... Cat!!

Latch wants so badly to play with Coal Kitty like he plays with Cookie... but Coal Kitty will not approve of Mr. Latch!

Cookie on the other hand.... she will play and play and play with Latch!

This is Cookie.
She is such a diva.

See... watch.


Wa bam!

Ah haha!
She will tell him who's the boss in a heartbeat!

But, she has a sweet side too!

After I study for a couple days... I'll be posting about my brand new niece!! :)
We almost got to share a birthday, but she came on the 8th instead of the 10th!
Happy Birthday, little girl!


Candi James said...

You are right! I love this post! He is just so special isnt he!!! I love the shots up close to his face and head.....loving on that bone. Now Cookie! She is about the prettiest cats ever! Yes, you can tell she is a diva for sure. Latch is just a happy dog and you can tell....he is happy and he makes anyone around him happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, love the Latch & Coal Kitty shots! & all the action ones are beautiful too! & YAY Aunt Mo x 2!

Rachel said...

So stinkin' cute!!

J said...

Latch looks like such a sweetie, and I'm glad Cookie isn't TOO much of a diva to play with him. I love, LOVE that last shot of them "kissing"...what precious friends! I love reading your animal posts. Oh, and congratulations on your new niece...such a blessing!!