Nov 26, 2010

Successful Black Friday

I had a very successful day today.

This place... it was/is my best friend.

You see.... This place is the only place that makes jeans that fit me. Well, in other words, this place is the only place makes the jeans that I don't ride horses in!!

I wasn't sure if their jeans were going to be on sale today, but when I walked in the door at 6:10 this morning... I saw "50% OFF on EVERYTHING". Heck yes! Does that mean jeans!? yes? yes!!!

I bought five pairs.


I love GAP.

I love perfect boot.

I saved two-hundred and fifty three dollars and fifty cents.


I think it looks better written out...

I also bought some new shirts that I'm pretty excited about! ($10 each) Solid long sleeve shirts that I can wear with all my fluffy vests that I am ready to pull out. also a few shirts with this silky lined v neck... mmm I'm excited about new clothes!!

I rarely buy new clothes and I really had to take advantage of all the sales since I won't be getting my usual new load of clothes for Christmas from Santa! Santa is taking us to Colorado. :)

I also got my cousins gifts at Target and my niece a present from a very special place! I'll share later on... I don't want her mommy to know!

Did you have a successful black friday!? Or... did you just skip out all together! :)

Now if I can just get my hands on some of these boots.... sigh
or these. I put my hands on them today at Belk... They felt like heaven!

WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!  (So sorry... but we're undefeated!!! 12-0!)
On the way to the SEC Championship!!! Then HOPEFULLY the NATIONAL Championship!! We did just beat the National Champions of 2009!! :D


Jennifer said...

I ordered the silky v-neck shirt from Gap too! We don't have one locally, but some of the online deals weren't bad!

CHERI said...

Uncle J and I went shopping today and the deals were still really good. I spent too much money though:( Glad you got some the boots. I saw the cutest pair today with rosettes on the side (sounds tacky but they weren't) but they didn't have my size:( And they were on sale!!!!