Nov 3, 2010


Meet Melody.

She was my very own first horse! Wasn't she a precious little doll!!
She wasn't quite pony sized... but she wasn't huge either. Actually, she was just big enough for me not to be able to get the bridle on her... little brat. When I first got her my dad would have to come over to the barn almost every single time and help me get the bridle on her. 
I lost my patience often with this poor horse. She was a good little horse... but she was stubborn as a mule!! As I grew, I became the boss and she became a pretty good kids horse! She was spunky but cool. She just looks spunky to me!

I was often called a little indian or something like that. I don't remember this, ok maybe I do... but my sisters always talk about how I use to kick the mess out of Melody and say YAAAHH YAAHH!  and just take off running! bahaha! I did love her.

We had her for probably 7 or 8 years. I started breeding horses and they started having babies (including miss priss herself) and I had bigger and better things to work with. We decided to sell Melody. We sold her once to some people and told them we would take her back if it didn't work out.... well we found out that Melody was not a fan of goats. They brought her back.

She had 2 foals. My lizzie and my precious Scout.
They always stuck right next to each other until Scout got cancer. I still have precious lizzie! (she's the horse in my header, btw!)

Melody was an interesting horse! We ended up selling her to a couple that lives about 30 minutes away. They bought her for their 12 year old daughter. I think about little Melody often. I haven't been able to get in touch with the people that owned her... I always wonder if she's doing ok and was a good horse for that little girl!

Here are a couple more pictures!

This one you can tell how small she was! She's in the middle next to Sassy! Rose is behind her.

I'll never forget my first horse!
I'm just glad I have Liz to carry on her craziness! Although, Liz really isn't crazy! She's pretty awesome!


Anonymous said...

I like this post - mostly because it's about your 'first' horse! & you still have ties to her, w/Liz!

CHERI said...

Reid and Mia often talk about the horses. Maybe they can ride with you soon.

Jennifer said...

She's adorable! I would love to find something like that for my little boy. I think we're going to inherit my little brother's horse though. I love Welsh ponys and think one of those would be too cute for him, but wowza, they're expensive!

Sara said...

She's super cute!!! There is nothing like your first horse (: