Nov 28, 2010

Spontaneity of Josh and Molly

We had already talked about it the week before. We weren't going to go. It was a horrible experience last year and we really didn't want to have to go through that again. Plus... it was at 7:45 pm...

At 2:15 pm on Saturday afternoon, Josh and I were on the way back from Clothing Carnival and I received a text from friend Ashlee. I read it, and re read it. I thought and re read it. I decided I would read it to Josh...

"I know it's extremely short notice but tom has two extra ga-ga tech tickets for thirty dollars if you and josh are feeling spontaneous"

"I feel spontaneous" Josh blurted out with a huge smile on his face!

So, we were off to the UGA vs GT game for the second year in a row!

We left by 3:30 and it took us an hour and fifteen minutes to travel a distance of what usually takes 30 minutes. Wreck after wreck on the interstate was holding us back. We decided to get off and go some extra back roads! We finally made the 2 hour trip in 3 hours and 10 minutes. We got the tickets, got some DQ in our tummies, and started walking for the stadium!

It was Josh's first game in Stanford Stadium and he was pretty excited about it!

It was a really good game! We sat by some really nice people (unlike last year) and they weren't obnoxious at all! I was very proud of those georgia fans! 
I use to HATE Athens. I have never really had a good experience while in that town (except when I went to the UGA/Auburn game with my sister and Auburn won)... and now I have had one. Josh is planning to go to school there after next year, so I have a feeling that Athens and I might be able to get along after all!

I tried as hard as I could to pull Tech to a victory! I never gave up hope! That interception in the last 50 seconds was just no good... I do think they deserved to win it a little more than UGA did. Tech just played better!

After the game Josh and I walked the famous tracks outside the stadium...

  We were invited to Ashlee's house and got to spend some time with her and Tom after the game. Josh and I really enjoyed their company! Ashlee is one of my role models for photography. She takes the most gorgeous pictures! Hopefully we'll get to see a little more of Tom and Ashlee in our hometown!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Now back to school and studying...



Ashlee Culverhouse said...

I love this! I'm so glad y'all had a good time. Tom and I enjoyed having you and Josh -- we need to hang out over Christmas! Oh, and thanks for the note! See you soon!

Jennifer said...

Spontaneity is just fun!