Aug 15, 2012

It Was Meant To Be.

Meet Dottie.

She was brought into our lives on August 3, 2012. The day before we left for a 7 day cruise to Mexico and the Bahamas (which was a blast). She was really brought into our lives on August 11, 2012. A day before she turned 8 weeks old.

I had been looking through pets on and found this jewel (after about 5 other contenders). Her name was Princess and she was 1 of 8 puppies. There were only 3 left. 

I emailed her picture to my parents and called my dad. He said to find out more about her parents. I called the rescue and talked to a very nice lady. She said she couldn't guarantee the breed of the puppy, but that she was so sweet. I didn't find out very much about her at that time. I filled out the adoption application, Just in case! I called dad back and told him that I couldn't find out much about the parents and he said ok well we will see. Or something along those lines.

I got a call from my mom about two minutes later and was told to get her. Pay for her. Save her for us. I paid the adoption fee through paypal, puppy unseen, called the lady for the second time and it was final.  She said she knew we were the right family just by talking to me on the phone for that few minutes. I asked if she could hold 'princess' for us for a week because we were going out of town and we would be back the following Saturday. No problem.

I was so excited! This puppy looked exactly like my Lola Belle, minus the precious eyebrow my best friend had. I just kept looking at that one picture we had of her over and over.... and over.

I found the rescue on facebook and started looking back through their posts to try and find puppy pictures. On the phone the lady had told me their story. They pulled the mother from the humane society's euthanasia list the day of her euthanasia. The next day, June 12, she whelped 8 puppies. She was truly saved just for us.

Who on God's green earth wants to go on a 7 day vacation when you KNOW you have a puppy waiting on you to take her home?!?! Not me!! Somehow I did it and the week flew by. It was a blast but I was so glad to get home to get our puppy!

We made it home from our trip across the gulf waters and went to get our puppy from Columbus, GA. Over an hours drive. 

And before I knew it... we were finally home. 

She has definitely lifted all of our spirits and is the center of our household!

 Everyone loves her and she loves all of us!

She sure is a feisty little thing!

And she loves her brothers! (Pictured with Latch)

She is quickly becoming acquainted with farm life! 

We are loving this sweet girl! I have never seen a dog in this house allowed on so much furniture! She is going to live a good, good life on our farm! That's for sure!

  So, has anyone figured out where her name came from yet? If you read my blog on Lola, then you might have figured it out. 

My dad called Lola "PD", short for Poochie-Dottie... So we named her Dottie after Lola.

And you will NEVER believe this.

Dottie's mother's name..... is Lola. 

Like I said, it was meant to be.  


Candi James said...

Yes, Dottie was definitely meant to be. I just love seeing pictures of her ....I love her slightly pink belly! Her life will be a fun and exciting life with lots of brothers and sisters of all kinds and a family that will love her to pieces!

Georgia {Cabin Fever} said...

Aww I cried reading this! Dottie is precious and what a lucky pup she is to have found a home with the McCords!!!! Looks like she's well on the way to being spoiled rotten, as it should be :)

Trey Luckie said...

This dog has hit the Jack-Pot! She's a pretty little thing!

~Allison said...

Cuteness overload!

Kate said...

I got goosebumps reading this, especially the part about the mom's name. It really WAS meant to be.

CHERI said...

Such a sweet post. Dottie is so blessed to have found you...and you her! Welcome to the family, Dottie:) Can't wait to meet you!

AA said...

She is precious, Molly!!!! Story gave me goosebumps ;) Enjoy her!

The Fullers said...

oh wow she is a doll!!!

soooo meant to be and she is so lucky to have you!

undomestic chica said...

I'm melting, she's so precious. Although I'm sure you had fun on vacation, it must have been exciting coming home knowing she was waiting!