Jun 22, 2012


I posted about this little mustang pony that I was training a few months ago. His name is Buck. He belongs to my neighbor, Chad, and I adopted him onto my farm so that I could finish up his training and, honestly, to begin my great plan of kidnapping this little fella. 

I call him Bucky Boy, Buckaroo, and little man. I called him anything really that was cute, because honestly, he's the cutest horse I have ever known. 

Buck's first trail ride. 

Slow and steady was always the beat of his drum. 
His girlfriend Rose out on a trail with him.
Me and Buck a few weeks ago.
Such a spunky little thing.

I woke up this morning and found out that 'my' sweet, precious Bucky had been hit by a truck.
First stage of grief set in, denial. 
I said "What?! No!"
I couldn't believe it. Not Buck. Not a horse off of my farm. Not sweet Buck.
My horses have NEVER gotten out in the road unless I was on them. They never get out of their pasture unless I leave the gate open on accident.
All gates were closed last night and the electric fence was on. I had just ridden the day before and I know I closed the gate by the road that is my pathway around our cattle gap that introduces you to our driveway. I don't know what happened, but we are assuming he jumped our four board-over four foot- fence that faces the major highway we live on.  There were no tracks in the driveway leading up to the cattle gap, and there were no breaks in the fence that he could have gotten out of. It doesn't add up. Even if he did get out and get into the road, where he got hit doesn't add up to where he could have gotten around the cattle gap. He jumped the fence. 

I had just ridden him the day before. Our first bareback ride out of the pasture. He did so good. Like always. He always was perfect. He was always so sweet and loving. Why do all the perfect horses have freak accidents? I just can't understand WHY he decided to jump out and get in the road. He has almost 100 acres to roam and he wants to jump out of it. 

I talked to the man that raised Buck earlier in the year and he told me that Buck's mother is a full blooded Mustang whose bloodlines come from a long line of Mustang horses. We all seem to think that has something to do with it. 

That little horse would plow through every weed, breyer, and yucky grass blade in site. He ate anything!
Apparently he also wanted to roam like a Mustang does. Chad acquired Buck for free after he kept escaping out of his former owners pasture... 

That little horse belonged in the wild with all his ancestors. 
Now he's there. Running free on as much land as he can carry his little hooves across.

I loved that horse as much as I love my own horses. I wanted to kidnap that horse and make it my own. I will surely miss that little flaxen mane and tail out in my pastures... and I will miss counting up to six as I drive on and off of our farm. 

Love you Bucky.


CHERI said...

Molly, I'm so sorry about Bucky. He was a beautiful horse. Sometimes there are just no answers...we just have to accept. I know you did your best for him and that he knew he was loved. Hope your heart mends soon.

violetserendipity said...

I'm so sorry. It sucks, big time. But Buck's running in the sky right now!

(& I bet he's still crazy! ;])

Trey Luckie said...

Sorry Mo Mo

Kate said...

I'm so sorry :(

Candi James said...

Molly I am sorry. You were good to Buck. You will have some good memories of him forever.