Jun 16, 2012

Chickens Galore.

So if you have been keeping up with my blog and read my past two posts, you know I have 42 baby chickens.

My mom and I have wanted chickens for a while and both of my sisters have chickens, so it was only fitting that we have chickens too! 

Plus, we live on a farm. We have cows, horses, dogs, cats... we need chickens!

Now we got em! 

We got some feather footed Cochins! All different colors. Ironically got two of each.  These are what they call straight run... we don't know what they are and I hope we don't have any roosters! (yeah right.) Ashlee ordered ten straight run cochins last year and got NINE roosters. What a joke.

Buff Orpingtons

Silver Laced Wyandottes 

Barred Rocks
Production Reds
and Speckled Sussex

The above pictures are no longer accurate on their size. They are getting HUGE! They have all their wing feathers pretty much and they're all flying around the watermelon box.

They are quite fluffy and they are learning how to roost!

Barred Rocks learned how to roost first. They got the biggest first for some reason... followed by the production reds, buffs and americaunas. The little cochins are still as fluffy as they can be, so they can't fly well yet! I saw a speckled sussex on the stick today, so the cochins will bring up the tail end!

I can't believe how tiny they were when we first got them. They are growing fast!!

I have been slowly desensitizing the dogs to them day by day. Lola was first and she deserved a big wap on top of the head after going after the first one I put on the ground to show her. She went over to the car on the other side of the garage and laid down. I took a different chick over there and she just turned her head away saying 'how dare you put that in front of me'. It was so funny!

Latch was next, he also deserved a wap on top of the head. After that he never has messed with them again. He even let one barred rock chick jump all over his front legs and paws, just staring at it the whole time. Such a sweet heart.

Cutie pie... she's a different story. She LOVES babies. So, I haven't had to worry about her YET. I know for a fact she looooves to chase chickens... Poor chickens in the middle of our horse ride were tortured a couple of times, but never killed. She is pretty much deaf all around and can't hear very well when you tell her 'No'... we'll see how that goes. 

I showed Tug his first chicken today and he must have learned from Lola and Latch's hits they got not to mess with the chickens! he's pretty smart! He just looked at it and turned around like it wasn't very exciting. 

I even try to entice them a little by picking the chick up and letting them flap their wings back to the ground... the dogs don't bat an eye! So hopefully we will be set on the dogs and chickens relationship! No dead future chickens I hope! If they start chasing the chickens... I'm going to get one of those nifty shock collars and zap their little butts.

That's all that is going on right now! Just trying to get these baby chickens out of the garage! Our coop will be here by next weekend!! It was built by David's Chicken Coops. I'm really excited about it! It is going to be verrry pretty! We will have to build the 'run' off the side and run water to the pen, then we will be all set to put the chicks in!

Once I can let them out when they are bigger and I have my twenty of the forty, I will take pictures and post names! :)


Kate said...

they are so cute. what will you do with the roosters if you get any?

Molly @ View From a Saddle said...

Kate, we're praying there are none! Haha well, either sell them or eat them. Sadly probably will eat them. Probably try to sell them first! I don't want to eat my little babies.

Candi James said...

These are about the cutest little feathery animals .... I love them...are you going to name them all? Cant wait to watch them grow!!