Jan 9, 2012

Sad blogger right here.

Josh moved off to go to college this weekend... 2 hours away from me. I'm going to try not to be the sulky, I want my boyfriend back kinda person that I probably would be. To be honest, I couldn't be happier for him. He needed to get out of this town and I'm glad he did. I was in Auburn for over 1 year of our relationship in the very beginning and it was great. I don't doubt this will be any different. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, doesn't it mom. I'm quite sure this will bring us even closer! :)

I went up there late Saturday afternoon and spent Saturday night, all day Sunday, and Monday morning up there. We had a blast!!

Went to Menchies (my favorite yogurt place ever- the kind where you serve yourself), ate at Loco's and Waffle House, watched the Tom Hanks/Julia Roberts movie (Larry Crowne), and made a few runs around Athens and got to know the town a little, hung out with a couple friends of his... it was quiet, relaxing, and wonderful.

It'll be hard going from seeing him every single day to only seeing him on the weekends, but I'm sure it'll get better. I'm lucky to even see him on the weekends. Some couples I know don't get to see their other half but once a month. I would die!

I'm going to be trying to keep myself busy during the week.... riding horses, walking with my friend- leslie- and our dogs, plus I have to get a job at the hospital now.

Hopefully, these will be the fastest two years of my life!


jmluckie said...

Hang in there.It'll be fine.Make sure when you are driving in Athens with that Auburn sticker on your car that you have the windows rolled up.they will try to throw a Georgia diploma in if you slow down.

CHERI said...

Just keep yourself busy and the time will go by quickly. I wish Josh the best of luck at GA (although we aren't Bulldog fans!) You just be careful when driving back and forth to see him! Your Uncle Johnny worries about you:)

Anonymous said...

Boo for Josh leaving... but we both know the positives of the move.

& I just might have an increase of free time in the near future - will get ya those details if it happens!

Candi James said...

I wish you both all the luck you can stand....so smart to get your education first! Hang in there! Ride those horsies and love on those animals!!!