Jan 23, 2012

90 minutes.

I blow dried my hair for the first time in over a year this weekend.

That means that I only ever need to buy.... 1 hair dryer in 20 years.

Or, maybe my entire life.

Don't be jealous of that volume, people!
It takes practice getting it to look like that!

I use to get made fun of for my hair being so frizzy, but I bet those people that made fun of me never were offered money for their hair. Yes, I said offered money for their hair... I have been offered money for my hair on multiple occasions.

Of course that was when my hair looked like this!

This is exactly what I look like on a normal day. 

My everyday, 10 minute, easy hair do.

My hair do that only takes me.... 10 minutes.

This hair do also takes me 10 minutes.

Don't mind the menagerie of dying plants.

This hair do....

takes me 90 minutes.

1 hour and 1 half.

1.5 hours.

The length of a Disney movie.

The length of a Tuesday/Thursday college course.

The length of a very short horse ride.

The length of time it takes me to drive to Auburn.

One and a half hours.

One hour and thirty minutes.

and don't be jealous of my christmas tree that is still up, sparkling, and brightly glowing in my bathroom. I plan to keep it there all. year. long.

Normal people are able to achieve this hair do in... maybe 20 minutes.

Some people are able to achieve this hair do in the amount of time it takes me to fix my hair when it's curly! 10 minutes people!

And you wondered why I only ever blow dry my hair once a year!!

This is my best friend.
This is Chi. 
Did I mention she is my best friend?!
She is!

So, mark this day in history as the day you saw Molly with straight hair!
Cause it only happens once a year!

It may actually start happening more than once a year if I can bring myself to invest in some dry shampoo in a tiny bottle that only costs $10 dollars at walmart. Geez.
If I can get this hair do to look good for 3 days with dry shampoo, and not start getting greasy... then you might just start seeing me with straight hair!


Trey said...

you look so much like your Mama with that straight hair, but it doesn't look like my Mo!!

Go with the ten minute version!!

Love ya!

Josh said...
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Josh said...

I would have to agree Trey. I used to tell Molly that I loved when she straightened her hair, but now I think I am just as content with it nice and normal in those kinky curls

Anonymous said...

People who can get their hair to do that in 10 minutes... guilty. However, to get my hair to look even remotely like your hair does most of the time, it would probably take me at least an hour, plus ~1 pound of product, at least. This junk I'm working with is straight as a board!

& I do love your Christmas tree!

Candi James said...

Molly, you make me laugh out loud! You are just a unique - one - of - a - kind - neat girl and I just love you the way you are!!!! I love your hair curley or straight! But If your hair looks that pretty in 10 minutes, you need to stay with that my child. And I love your plants and Christmas Tree!!!

CHERI said...

You don't look like MOLLY...but you do look like Ash in that one picture. I like the curly style the best...and it's so much easier! Why would you want to torture yourself???? And I will get in line to be willing to pay if I could just find a way to get it on my head!