Jan 24, 2012

Cutie Pie

Mrs Candi brought to my attention that Cutie Pie has never had her own post. 

Shame on me!! 

She is THE most important dog in this family.

Ok, maybe she is tied with Lola, Latch and Tug.

Ok maybe we have the best dogs on this planet.

Back to Cutie Pie.

We got Cutie Pie a long time ago... over 12 years! 
Before we had Cutie Pie she would make the half mile trek from her house to our house and would spend the day playing with our dog, Cadi. A half mile was nothing for her because she was only a puppy! She was under a year old. At the end of the day when she was done playing... she always went back home.

Sadly, our neighbor that owned Cutie Pie was killed in a car accident and after that Cutie Pie came to our house and never went back. We tried to take her back two or three times but the guy's girlfriend finally just said I don't want the dog y'all keep her!
So we did. 
She fit in well in our family and she must have known it!

Cutie Pie is about 13 years old. 
Although she looks it... she doesn't act it!
On any given day you can find her playing with Latch like she is a puppy again.

She loves armadillo hunting! She has backed off of this activity a little bit in the past year, but occasionally you will find her covered in mud and solid black from hunting with the boys!

She mostly sleeps, but lately she has been a little more active! I think she likes all this warm January weather!

She LOVES going on trail rides with the horses. She has always been my trail buddy.
She would go for miles and miles with me. 
There is no where I have been on my horse that Cutie Pie hasn't been. 

As she has gotten older, she doesn't go on rides as often as she use to, but every now and then she will go with me. I try to keep those rides short so I don't wear her out!

Even if she doesn't ride... she always goes out to the pasture with me to catch up the horses!

Cutie Pie looooves babies!

Anykind of baby...

It seems like whenever she sees a baby her eyes light up and it looks like she is saying "A baby! A baby! A baby!"

Baby cows, baby ducks, baby dogs, baby cats, baby humans, baby horses.... she loves babies!

You can easily see how she got her name... cause she is SO DANG CUTE!

Even in her summer look!

She is extra cute when she is sleeping!

Cutie is head dog around here. She puts Latch and Tug in their places when needed.

The day that Cutie Pie isn't here anymore is going to be a very sad day.
She is such a special dog and we all love her.

Who wouldn't love a dog that cute!


Candi James said...

Oh Molly!!!
How precious is Cutie Pie. I love her story, how she would come play with the other dogs and then losing her parent. She knew the perfect place for her was to be in your family.

I love the pictures of her, that face....that face says it all. It really bout' made me cry looking at the close up picture of her, she looks so sweet.

Molly you are such an exceptional person with your love of animals. I haven't met someone like you in many years, someone that truly loves to take care of and love on animals...of ANY KIND!!!

I am the same way, I can love them so much. And Cutie is no exception!!! With that sweet face how could you not!

Cutie Pie IS THE PERFECT Name for her. Thank you so much for sharing her with me.

Candi James said...

HAHA That armadillo picture is funny too! She could hang with the toughest of them all couldn't she. Love that!

Ruffles said...

The name suits her very well. She's adorable. :)

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE her. She is so cute and so sweet.

CHERI said...

Cutie Pie is definitely a cutie...but Lola could come home with me!

Molly said...

Thanks everyone! she is such a sweetie!