May 3, 2011


She's starting to fit in well around here. She has buddied up with Lizzie (the horse in my header) and is showing the others who is boss when they go to run her off. A swish of her tail and her ears flat back leads to the horses backing off and leaving her alone. That swish must be the precursor of a mighty kick! ;)

Still haven't come up with a good name. I like Frannie/Fran whoever mentioned that one, but I have an Aunt Fran and I best not name my donkey after my Aunt! :)

My mom still calls her Jenny... I do not like Jenny, so I have been calling her Donkey. 

Hope everyone is having a great week! I have 1 final to go until I am done for the semester! Then... I start on Monday for Summer semester. What an awesome Summer break I get huh! 4 days. Woo hoo.

Our teacher even had the nerve to tell us, with a huge smile, "I hope y'all have a good break! We'll see you Monday. Oh and if you want to get ahead... you can start on the Antibiotics chapeter!!"

Ha. Yeah right!!


jmluckie said...

I like Modean Gunch.

tim said...

Great picture.

John McCord said...

What about Chloe or Abby?

Lexie said...

What about Lily or Junebug?