Dec 5, 2010

Minnie Mouse

Meet Minnie.
She's not exactly a mouse...
 Have I ever mentioned Minnie before?

I can't remember if I have or not.

Did you know snakes smell with their tongue?

This is my brother's snake. He has always liked snakes for some reason. It's not the first snake we have had. I can remember quite a few different snakes we have had when I was growing up. There was this one black snake that we kept in one of those jars that had the little drain on it for drinks, kinda like the ones on laundry detergent. It has a screw on lid and that snake learned how to unscrew the lid. It got out. I remember seeing it's slither marks in the dust down the side of the TV. They made me shake out all the clothes in the laundry room... it forever scarred me. Mom finally found it weeks later in a toy chest. 
Then we had this other snake. It was a Hognose. They're awesome. They won't bite humans. As hard as you try to make them... they just won't bite! The problem with that snake was that we caught it out of the wild. Hognose snakes eat frogs. We had problems finding frogs small enough for her to eat. It ended up dying after a few months later from some sickness (probably from the wrong kind of frog).

Then mom got this snake. She (yes, she) is a California King Snake. They had her sexed when she was born (the breeder). So it's a she. I named her :)
You can't see it in the pictures I don't think... but she has a minnie mouse figure on her head. Or mickey mouse... whichever you prefer, but she's a girl... so it's Minnie! Oh... You can kinda see it in the next picture!

Anyways, Minnie has been on the loose since October 21, 2010. Yes, she has been loose in our house for a month and two weeks. No worries, my father found her last night. It was actually kind of funny because he had been talking about how no one would go down and look for her, but really mother has gone down there pretty much everyday. Well, dad got home from work and started walking down stairs and said 'i'm going to find the snake'. This would be his first official time looking for Minnie. Not even 5 minutes later, "John, come get this snake, I found it." And there she was. I'll be honest, I didn't believe him! He's a trickster and I knew he'd found a rubber snake or something! haha
Well, after being gone for over a month she was bound to be hungry....

That is Minnie eating. I'll spare you the video!


"Why must we watch this ugly, weird thing swallow little baby mice?"

To thank her for not crawling into our beds all those nights she was roaming our house, Lola.


CHERI said...

OMW, Molly! The snake is pretty but you could have spared us mealtime!! Yuck! Glad I didn't know she was loose when I was there at Thanksgiving.

jason mitchell said...

yes hi ,i got one it 4 foot ,but can not let it out allways goes at you,jason long time snake lover,
had lots over the years..