Dec 15, 2010

Animals Galore.

I've been working on a specific list for a while now.  A list of all the animals my family has ever had. I never realized how lucky we were as kids to be able to have animals like we did. No wonder I love animals!

I've talked to a couple people... Josh in particular, and asked him how many animals he ever had growing up..... 3. 3! only 3! I think I would have died!! And they were all dogs. One of them they still have and I really can't stand her, but that's another story. I will never have a "min pin". ugh.

Anyways, here is my list of animals. I love naming animals and I just love looking at all the cool names we've had over the years! :)

* = animals currently living on our farm!

Rock- Yellow Lab (dad's dog)
Prissy- Cocker spaniel (mom's dog)
Sweetie- Springer Spaniel- she had a litter of puppies
Junebug- Horse
Polka Dot- Cat
Socks- Cat
Tiger- Cat
TJ (Tiger Junior)- Cat
Jingle Belles-Cat
Dog – Cat
Crazy- Cat
A million other cats
Belle- Chocolate lab
Gassy Bob- Goat
Squirrels (2 at least)
Classic- Horse
Pepper- Schnauzer
Ace- Cat
Coffee- Cat
Crème- Cat
Zorro- Cat
*Goldie- Cat (She’s old- ready to kill over- wild thing…. Literally feral) Update: Goldie has passed.
Trip- Cat
Noel- Gerbil
Cody- Wire haired Fox Terrier
Wrigley- Yellow Lab
Barley- Golden Retriever
Bay- Black Lab
Murphy- Airdale Terrier
Cadi- Yellow Lab
Penny- Yellow Lab- she had a 2 litters of puppies (3 and 12)
Hunk- Fox Red Lab
*Tug- Fox Red Lab
Gus (now my sister’s)
Mr. Squirrel- Squirrel (I ran him over with the four wheeler and saved his life!)
Aflac- Peking Duck
Inman- Mallard
Maddie- Mallard
Ada- Mallard
Lucy- Mallard
*Cutie Pie- Precious dog (Golden/Cocker)
Rascal- Cat
Oscar- Cat
*SoBe- horse
*Rose- horse
*Flint- horse
*Sassy- horse
Melody- horse
Scout- horse
Sioux- horse
Deputy- horse
*Lizzie- horse
Musket- horse
*Diesel- Cat
*Coal- Cat
*Lola- American Bulldog
*Opie- Dairy Cow
*Cookie/Sky/other names- Cat

Sexy (Angus Bull), Betsy, Silverbullet, Dip head, Rexy (as in Anorexic), Luna, Buster, Annie (the orphan), Georgia, Teddy Bear (Braunvieh Bull),  plus all the cows that didn’t have names- 50+ more!!

Did you count them by chance? I'll count them for you 67+. That's a lot of animals my friend!

My neighbor happens to have 67+ horses... so I know there are people out there with more animals than me! His horses don't really have names though... unless I give them one! :(

So, how many animals did you have growing up/currently!?


Trey said...

Judge was always my favorite, but he was before your time!

Ashlee said...

Ace my black cat -- and I can't believe you forgot Jesús the cow!

Ashlee said...

Tom, minnie

CHERI said...

I've had several dogs through the years but you could have had your own zoo!

The View From A Saddle said...

Oh Jesús!!! How Could I forget her...
Was she the one we propped up with the Four Wheeler!?

I didn't know Ace I don't think, but I do remember the name now that you mention it!

The View From A Saddle said...

Wait... Ace is on there!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'll def borrow this topic for a future post - & it's easiest just to tell you what I have now! 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 turtles, & a ferret. & I WILL have a new post soon, promise :)