Dec 8, 2010

Childhood Memory

Some people may think this is really weird... but to me it's one of my fondest memories of Christmas time!! Not as fond as Santa... but fond. :)

Our family has always gotten a live, fraser fir tree for our house. They smell lovely. I think we usually made a family thing out of going to get the tree... but that's not the part I really remember.. haha! 

After we got the tree home, it stayed outside for a few days. I don't know why I will always remember this, but our tree would sit outside in a horse bucket and soak up water for a few days. Now that I type this... it sounds really crazy.

I got home from school the other day and mom had mentioned that she got the tree! I said Oh where is it!? She said it's in the garage! and I walked out to see it and this is what I saw...

I don't know why... but I like it!

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Joe said...

We've always had a real tree also. I love the outdoor smell the house has when we bring it inside.