Apr 14, 2010

Lake and Masters

tThis past weekend Josh and I made a trip up to Lake Sinclair with his Meme in tow to spend Saturday at the lake! Let me tell you, that Meme is one of a kind. She and my Mimi would be two peas in a pod ;)

We made it up to Josh's great aunt and uncle's house. Aunt Cindy and Big Jim were so sweet! Their son, Andy, was also their visiting for the weekend and working on his boat. They had spaghetti cooking and a boat ride planned out for us. Josh and I went to the bait shop and got some little minnows to fish with.
Well, that little bubbler thingy didn't work. Needless to say, half of them were floaters in about an hour! But, the second I sat down Josh caught a Fish! 

We turned him loose eventually. I also freed the minnow survivors! 

We had lots of fun at the lake! :)
The next morning we got up at 5:40 am to get ready to go to the Masters! We made it to Augusta before 8:30 and were in the gates by 9. We met up with my best friend and her boyfriend around 11:30 and just walked around the whole time. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed watching Mickelson win! That's is who I was pulling for from the beginning. Josh was as well. We both had a clear view of the 18th green/hole and watched every moment of him winning. It was so amazing! I'm really glad he won. I know a lot of people don't like go to on Sunday because there are so many people (so i hear!). I've never been on any other day so I can't really tell a difference. Josh and I both like to be there to see the winner take his prize. 

It was a good weekend! Now for a busy week of work and taking the TEAS test!

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