Feb 7, 2010

Figuring out the Aperture Feature

and I finally did it! I have been trying to do this for the past week. I guess there wasn't enough light the first 10 times! I think every time I tried it was night time and the kitchen lights weren't enough. Pioneer Woman reposted some photography  blogs and I missed the last one she posted when I was going back looking through them before... and it just clicked when I read it. So, I went outside this morning to try it out on Flint!

I really like this setting. It's so fun to me!
*Entered into Contest Monday

Now I just need to figure out which one to put into Pioneer Woman's Photography assignment tomorrow IF it's an aperture assignment! Which I hope it is!

I love this one because it's blurry in the background and in front!

I don't know if you may have seen the previous Flint post, but I remember saying he was the sweetest horse in the world. That hasn't changed. He is a doll. As I was taking these pictures I would stop and scratch behind his ears and give him hugs and talk to him... so, every time I stepped away to snap a picture he would constantly walk forward and put his head against my shoulder. He couldn't stay close enough! :)

And why he had to lick me, I have no clue.

I love horse muzzles. They are just so soft looking!

I was just looking through some pictures after I posted this post and can I just say that I am in love with these pictures that I took about two weeks ago. I didn't even realize that I had used the A feature... or that this smart camera did it itself!

Meet Lizzie.

Please feel free to let me know which is your favorite! Gracias :)


Keepsake's Mom said...

Hi, I am a horseloving, camera loving woman too! I just love horse muzzles because they look so soft. I can never resist playing with a horse's chin tho it usually bugs them. Today is my Arab mare's 26th birthday! She is a bit arrogant but that does not keep me from giving her hugs and kisses. Look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

Linsey said...

I like the third one of Flint's eye and last one of Lizzie! Good job, Mo!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Linsey! Those two are my favorite!! I honestly had no idea about this blogspot and saw it on your profile today! This makes me miss you!! But I get to see you REAL soon!! YAY!

Kasey said...

Hi there, This is Kasey from the Pioneer Womans site. You had replied to a post I had made in the photography section. I am still having troubles figuring out the aperature on my D5000 to get the blurred background. You have some really great photos. Love the dog and your horses. I ride as well. I love how you have the pix of your horse with the blurred trees in the back and then your horse blurred with the trees in focus. If you have any advice on how I can acheive that that would be great. Thanks, I enjoyed checking out your blog. Good luck in the PW contest! kc3wilson@yahoo.com