Feb 14, 2010

Two Days of Snow= LOTS of pictures!

I know a lot of people say "snow.. big deal", but in Middle GA it is a big deal! It only snows about once every 2 or 3 years.. and if it does snow it will be less than 2 inches or even less than 1! But this year we got 4 inches!! Josh and I spent an hour or so outside with my horses taking pictures with them and I got so many good pictures. I also went out the next morning and took a lot of pictures with the beautiful blue sky! I'm so excited about these pictures! I can't wait to get them printed out and put in my new photo boxes!

This is Rose. She's gorgeous in the snow!
I really want to use her for a dressage horse :)
Josh and Rose. Right after this picture she tore off running! 
It's a really cool series. Maybe I'll share them another time!
SoBe looking for some treats!

Sun coming up! Melted the snow :(

Wish I could have gotten this photo in the photography contest! oh well!

Rosey Girl

Sassy girl. If you knew this horse... this is nothing new! Hence her name.

But She can be sweet!

My SoBe girl!
She was zoned in on the feed bucket so this is the only good picture I got of her!

My blue eyed Lizzie, I think she's so pretty.

My gorgeous Flint (I think all my horses are beautiful.. haha!)

Of course the dogs were playing! Lola hated the snow on Day 1 when it was falling...
 but Day 2 she was all for it!

Coal kitty... he wasn't too fond of the snow. 
He was pretty upset with me for making him get out there!

We sure did have fun in the snow! Josh took some time out of his very busy pig show day and came to take the snowball fight pictures that are in the post before this one! I love all those pictures! Thanks to my Mom for taking them! :)

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