Oct 7, 2009

I think I might go buy curtains now....

I got scared out of my mind today.

I was laying on my bed taking a nap slash watching TV before I went to class and I just happened to look up at my window. Well, my window is situated on the hall so that no one has to walk by it unless they are going to my door. So, I just happened to see a person walk by going away from my door back to the stairs, so I jumped up to go to the door to see who it was through the little peep hole. I saw a younger guy walking around the corner into the hall to go to the back apartments... I watched for a few more seconds and he came back around the corner and bent down, got on his knees, and looked into my window!! CREEPY! He got up and went back around the corner. I thought, if he does it again I'm gonna call the police! I had to go to class in thirty minutes and I was not about to set foot outside that apartment with him anywhere near! He did it again. and again. I started thinking ok... the police won't get here fast enough. I looked out into the parking lot off my porch and my wonderful neighbor's husband was home! oh yay! I text Kailey really quick asking for his number, then I realized she probably wouldn't get back to me fast enough because she teaches. So, I made sure he wasn't watching- ran into my room and grabbed my computer and started praying Dru, her husband, was on Facebook! JOY he was! I messaged him- " Call me! my number. Some creepy guy is looking in my window! or go outside!" next time I looked the guy walked towards the stairs instead of the hallway and I couldn't see whether he went down or was just standing there. I have the cutest Welcome sign on my door and it has fall leaves hanging down and my peep hole was half covered! So, I went back to my room saw a figure in the window... ran back to the door and it was Dru! thank goodness. I went outside and the creep was gone. Dru didn't see him but we asked the maintenance guy that just happened to ride by on the golf cart and he had seen him walking back towards a different building on the cell phone.

Why I have these creepy things happen to me... I don't know! I've already had my locks changed because someone, other than my roommate, opened the door at 3AM and didn't lock it back!

Lord, please keep me safe for the remaining 75 days I have left in this place! Amen!

Now I might go get my curtains. ;

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