Oct 14, 2009

Birthday Party, Fair and Horses

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

Friday, October 9, was my niece's first birthday! I can't believe she's already one! It went by so fast. We had a party for her on saturday night. It was a pig party so of course she had to have a pig cake! My mom and sister both made it.

She also had a precious little cake all to her self to mess up, but she only got so far as taking the nose off then she was done!

We all had a good time watching her open her presents. At first she just wanted to crawl all over the boxes and pull at the stringy ribbons, but then she figured out she could rip the paper off! She loved digging in the bags too! I got her two books, pink wiggly pig what do you wish for?

and panda panda what do you see?. I also got her some tub toys. She had a good time playing with the little turtles for a minute... throwing one in a box over and over again after her daddy retrieved them! and she crawled around with them.... :)

Sunday I went to the fair with my two sisters, mom, and Josh. We walked through all the exhibit buildings and of course got food. I think I ended the day with a list of things I had eaten: 1 Corndog, 32 oz Diet coke, a frozen dipped in chocolate banana, a gyro (yum!), a large cup of Dippin' Dots, and a bag of cotton candy. I assure you I could have eaten more. I wanted to get an apple dumpling in there... but I didn't have enough hours! We met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin later and I ended up riding some rides with my cousin. I hadn't planned to ride many rides, but i'm glad I did because it was fun! We couldn't have planned this if we tried... but we decided to ride the ferris wheel when we were leaving and when we got stopped at the top the fireworks started!

I had a new friend come out and ride horses with me on Monday. We had a lot of fun! I met her through Josh's best friend, Cole. Her name is Bridget and she goes to school at the university in our home town. She has horses as well so she's knows how to ride well. I love to ride with people that know how to ride because I don't have to worry as much! I let her pick who she wanted to ride out of Sassy, Rose, and SoBe and she probably picked the best one! SoBe! I think we're planning another ride that Josh and Cole will come on, so she'll get to take Sassy for a ride! We rode for a few hours that morning and went to get lunch with Josh and Cole. Later that night we all watched a movie and made cookies! I'm glad I have a new friend to play with when I go home!

Bridget informed me of an open job at the college that I am applying for. I'm really excited about it! If all goes well I'll write about it in more detail! I sent my application off today, they'll get it tomorrow and hopefully they'll like what they see!
Now if this Dr. will call me back about a letter of recommendation.... I would feel much better!!! I have 2 confirmed and 1 to go! Pray that all goes well and I get the job! It would be absolutely amazing if I get it! :)

Off to study Genetics!

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