Jan 26, 2009

Home again home again, Jiggity Jig

I was able to go home this weekend! I absolutely LOVE going home. Everything I care about is there and I love seeing it all! Sometimes I don't get to see everyone... I didn't get to see Ashlee but I'm sure I'll see her next time I'm home!
I did get to see all my horses. They had their feet trimmed on Saturday morning- in the rain. It only took an hour to do all 6 though. It usually takes a little over two hours. I also got to see my family, but I spent most of my time at the "fair".
Friday night, Saturday from 10 to 8, and Sunday 10 to 3 I was at the NJSA Swine show at the Ag center in Perry. Josh shows pigs so I was there to watch him. Friday was Showmanship... he didn't get anything in that one. Saturday was the gilt (female) and boar show. His sister Alexis showed the gilt and I think she ended up getting Second in class. His dad, Mr. Troy, showed the Boar.
He also got second in class, I think. and then Sunday was the Barrow (castrated male) show. Josh showed this pig and he got first in class and reserve champion for the breed!
Other than that I just rode Flint around for a while and had a few neighborly conversations. I also went and saw my neighbors new puppies. 9 Australian Shepards! They were so cute.
That was my weekend... just laid back and didn't do much but sit!
Hope y'all had a good weekend!

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