Jan 20, 2010


Hello!!! What cha doin!? What cha doin!? What cha doing!? Whaaaaattt!?

This is what I hear daily when I’m in the Peach palette working for Mrs. Beth. It’s Lila, the cutest little bird in the whole world! She’ll say a lot more than "What cha doing" and "what", but if she can’t see you then she starts going off!

Well, today I had her sitting in the windows up in front of the store. She loves sitting in the window. She whistles constantly, every one different. She says Hello! to people walking by and cars that pass. It’s hilarious!

Well, I was sitting at the desk doing a little work and I heard her squawking and flapping around. I looked up and there was a HUGE hawk flying towards the window. BAM! Into the window. It flew up to the roof… so I ran up to the window and scooped Lila up and put her on the railing that goes around the little garden in the window. I went outside and looked up on the building… let me just say that I didn’t know hawks were that big! It was huge! It looked down at me like it was saying get out of my way! That’s my dinner! It’s talons were gigantic. Well… I went inside and grabbed my phone (wishing I had my brand new camera!) and snapped some pictures of him.

Pesky bird.

He's HUGE!

But don't wory! Lila is safe, singing away!

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