Jan 25, 2010

He's Black. Very Black.

My cat that is.


He thinks he's a dog. I'm not kidding. Actually, I don't know what he thinks he is! I do know that he doesn't think that he's a CAT! He talks, he gets annoyed, he cuddles, and he loves.
He adores me. :) who doesn't? Just kidding!
He does loooove to cuddle. I always wanted a cat that would sleep in my arms, crawl up into my  lap on his own and just sit without getting up in 2 minutes. Well, I have one! This cat would lay in my lap all day if I let him!

Coal's normal day includes: 1) Waking up and crawling on my back, stomach or laying against my side... whichever way I am sleeping in the morning. 2) Eating. After being asked if he's hungry of course. Which he replies with a long meow. 3) Going outside. He loooves going outside. He spends all day outside. He doesn't even use his litter box anymore. He would rather use the potty outside. 4) catching mole's in the front yard. I see moles on the porch all the time. Poor little moles! 5) Galavanting to the neighbor hood across the horse pasture. Hence the collar in the first picture. I caught him red handed coming out of one of the backyards over there when I was riding one day. 6) Come in and eat. You hungry? Meeeooooooooow. 7) Go to sleep on the back of the sofa. Tonight he switched places probably 4 times. he went from my lap to the pillow beside me, to the pillow on the other couch, to the back of the couch, then finally to the back of the green chair. Then he went and got in his bed after finishing his dinner.

I got Coal on May 23, 2008. I saved him and his two litter mates from 'the pink stuff'. Poor kids were about to go to heaven. I scooped them up and took them home. I decided to keep one to take back to Auburn with me. I had all three of them in my lap on the front porch and one of the little boys crawled up onto my shoulder and started licking my ear! I knew he was mine! This cat we use to have many years ago named Zorro did the same thing. I swear it's the same cat in a different body. Anyway, that is how Coal came to be a McCord!

Isn't he a Doll! :)
I love my Coal Kitty.

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HMcCord said...

Coaaaaaalllll kitty!