Oct 27, 2011

I'll be back soon.

It has been a crazy month! 

Nursing school has me completely booked.

I had a Psychology test today, a huge research paper due yesterday, clinical (1 1/2 hour away) all day tuesday, clinical all day monday in that same town, and... it goes on.

Josh and I are driving to the blue grass state this weekend to pick up at least 13 little pigs! We are getting 2 for him.. the rest are for others that are wanting pigs for their kids. I think it will be a fun little trip.

I have been trying to ride horses as much as I can. I have been trying out a new saddle that someone brought into my dad's business to trade him... 
What cha think?

Josh and I have been hanging out with my friend/neighbor Lexie and her boyfriend Matt. Riding horses, watching movies, and going to haunted houses. Oh yes. I love haunted houses! They are so not scary. ;)

My best friend came into town on the 14th/15th. I was SO excited to see her! She helped me out tremendously with Blair's 3rd Old McDonald birthday party. Josh did too! We loaded up SoBe, Donkey, and Opie, along with 2 baby goats from my neighbor! It was so much fun.

I still can't believe we got Opie on that trailer! He did so good!

We also went to the Georgia  National Fair. That is always fun!!! She also refreshed my trimming skills. There is so much that I forgot! Then we ended the weekend with a good horse ride! :) 

Love you Rhi!!!

Now I am going to bed. I have a date with a 1 year old in the morning at 7:45.
Let's see if I can remember how to babysit! ;)


Candi James said...

Molly, you have a FULL life and I think that is great. You seem so well rounded, into a little of this and that. Love love LOVE the photos of your animals....but cannot wait to see the pig photos!!! Have yourself a great weekend! Keep on smiling :-)

Ruffles said...

Love the saddle :)
You sounds pretty busy !!

Jamie said...

I miss riding so much. Great pictures!