Mar 21, 2014

That one time I had a blog.

"Remember that time you had a blog?" - Josh

A monthly statement out of his mouth. 

Instead of writing a bunch of silly nonsense, I will update you all in pictures. Enjoy!

(P.S. It's almost been a year since I blogged. Oops)

1. Me and this guy are still kicking it. You think I'd be tired of him already.  Juuuust kidding!

aaaaand I like him so much... I said Yes! (:

I'm a real live bonafied nurse.

All my loves are healthy and well.
Praise the lord.

 My first love is still taking pictures with me.
Being gorgeous as ever.

And being one of my biggest fans.


 Jeffrey is a grown man.

 and such a drama king / total sink cat.

 This guy is still around. Ol Op-ster.
 Goofy as ever.
Sweet as ever.

And has a lot of new friends. 
One. Happy. Bovine.

I still spend most of my days, or as many as I possibly can doing this.

 I have an awesome brand spankin' new nephew as of September.
That makes two.
 and two rockstar nieces.

 Still have the best of friends.

Coal kitty has decided the runaway world isn't for him.

I have the most snuggle-y Latch pup in the world.

And my chickens successfully produced their own.
Before my roosters all bit the dust.

Sold my cute little libby
And upgraded to my big girl Jeep.

and recently took my heart home.

It's been a pretty good year! 
Lots and lots of changes coming within the next six months, but I am pretty excited.
Josh and I are getting married on June 7 and packing things up and moving.
We don't know where we will be yet, but I hope it is somewhere close to home vs far away. Unless Far away is Auburn (:

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Candi James said...

Molly....I just love you and your life .... I am very happy for you....your darling animals and of course your sweet man Josh!