Feb 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #3!

What a week it has been!!  My brain has been begging me for a break. I have studied non stop for the past 2 weeks for 3 different tests. I had 2 tests yesterday... I did well on one and I haven't found out about the other! We'll see!!!

So, I took a break when I got back from school yesterday! I threw on my boots (Of course I already had my trusty rusty Noconas, but they aren't allowed to go riding on horses... my Ariats have to take care of horse business!), so I threw on my boots, grabbed my saddle and bridle, and decided which horsey was going to have the pleasure of taking me around! I chose lizzie first. She has been acting up a little bit lately, being like her mama was, so I did a little 'training' on her for about 30 minutes. She did very well and rewarded her by putting her back out with her buddies. For the rest of the day I rode Rose and my friend, Jaclyn, tagged along on SoBe! We had a good ride followed by some yummy mexican with Josh!

A good horse riding break was had :)

Onward to WIWW! Number 3 for me!

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This week was so busy for me, hence I forgot to take a few pictures...
Thursday was my day off from the camera.. haha
Friday, I was in scrubs all day. Maybe I'll remember to catch it this week before I strip out of the germ infested things!

Starting with Saturday!
Working at the pottery Studio
Shirt: GAP
Scarf: Gifted
Vest: GAP
Jeans: GAP
I think I will try to avoid all GAP for the rest of the month!
Boots: Noconas!

Better picture of my scarf from Anna!

Missed church, went to subway and studied all the live long day
Hat: Dad's work
T-Shirt: College of Ag Auburn
Jacket: Mountain Hardware, gift from Josh!
Jeans: GAP
Boots: Nocona (Told you I wear them everyday.)

Work and study
Shirt: Gift from the Sister!
Jeans: GAP
Boots... you can guess!

I absolutely love this shirt. It's by far the funkiest thing I have!
The brand is "Snap"
Maybe sister will comment and tell us where she got it! :)

And Tuesday... I can't even remember what I wore!
Um, Jeans and... t shirt! My Auburn SEC Champ t shirt :)
Forgot to get a picture of that one! I was so excited to finally be able to ride my horses!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Anonymous said...

Love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

I agree, that shirt is amazing!

Dee said...

I looove your boots! I want to wear mine every day too! (completely acceptable in Colorado too!)

Anonymous said...

Mmkay, a) yay for pony time! b) if I took part in the little 'what I wore' deal, all of my pictures would look like your Sunday pic, & c) I frickin' love that shirt too!

Jennifer said...

I love that last shirt!!! I always want to find some funky tops, but I have horrible shopping selections in our part of the world. I always order online from Old Navy or GAP! ;)

Amy said...

I'm the same way with target as you are with gap. I was filling mine out and i think 98% of my stuff came from there

Amber said...

Looking good lovely, yeah for pony time, what a pleasure. Adore your boots, the more worn the better for me and love the colourful scarf and shirt. I hope your exams went well and have a wonderful week. axx

Brooke LaBouve said...

I love your clothes and I was an ag major from Texas A&M.

Anonymous said...

What a nice sister. Fabulous shirt! Love the BB cap look too. Couldn't help noting the bed linen (duvet?) in the background. Looks suuuweet!

Jennifer said...

CUTE outfits! :)

The Popes said...

love that shirt! Where is it from??? She MUST tell us!

the the sunflowers in your header are AMAZING!

CHERI said...

You have great hair!

Anonymous said...

I love your scarf :)

tim said...

Darling! You, not the clothes. Where did you say you got that hat? Can't I get a plug.

Molly said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Aunt Cheryl, you're so sweet! hope you're feeling AOK! :)

THanks Dana!!!

DAD!!!!! I am trying to be semi-ly secretive about where we live you goose!! But, I'll plug you if you want!

Alicia said...

Thanks for visiting my site! I totally love that scarf, and that beautiful paisley print top from your sis! That is a great shirt! Good luck with nursing school, I have heard it takes up all amounts of free time!